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Being a Coastal Post Installation Contractor is as easy as...

1. Hassle-free work you want

Say goodbye to dealing with difficult clients, paperwork, selling, collecting, liabilities and all the tedious tasks that come with managing your own business. As a Coastal Post Installation Contractor, you’ll get to leave the office work behind so you can focus on what you love doing most - the hands-on work! Utilize your trades skills in carpentry, construction, installations, landscaping, renovations and more without any administrative or customer service headaches! 

2. Flexibility you need

Keep your workflow consistent and add stability to your schedule with flexible hours and the freedom to work when you want. Being a Coastal Post Installation Contractor is an ideal position for sole proprietors, owner-operators and microbusiness owners who are looking to fill gaps in their work week, or make some extra money on the side. From slow work seasons to slow work weeks, our jobs are ready when you are!

3. Earn at your pace

Receive a minimum of $280 a day ($35/hr) with the potential to earn even more! Our work days are based on a casual contractor’s pace within an 8hr day. If you can complete all daily tasks in less than 8hrs, you can keep the difference! Increase your efficiency, increase your earning potential!

A day in the life

As a Coastal Post Installation Contractor, you’ll be an integral part of our team, responsible for sign post installations and removals. Your day will begin at our shop to load all posts, signage and materials for the day. Once your truck is loaded, it’s time to hit the road! Somedays, job sites are just a quick drive down the road. Other days, they can be a few towns over. Luckily, our shop is conveniently located by the highway for direct and easy commuting! All tasks and instructions will be laid out and given to you in advance through a project management app. Tasks are lined up in an efficient route to fill a full day’s work. Once your route is complete, make a return trip to the shop to unload and you’re done for the day! No paperwork, no fuss. It’s that simple!

Routes designed for you

A full day of work as a Coastal Post Installation Contractor, or as we like to call it, a “route” is calculated in advance to help you increase your efficiency and stay on track! Our routes are designed with you in mind, helping you get from point A to point B and back home as quickly as possible! On average, our contractors drive between 250 - 320km per day, completing 12 to 15 jobs along the way. Each job can be completed in as quick as 10 minutes or less before you’re off to your next stop!

Coastal Post Contractor “Pro-tips”

PLAN AHEAD - Be ready for a day out on the road! Coming mentally prepared with food, drinks and a great playlist will make the drive more enjoyable and go by quicker.

REVIEW YOUR ROUTE - Know your route! Familiarizing yourself with the route ahead of time will help ensure there are no surprises on the road and will let you know which roads are best to take.

ORGANIZE MATERIALS - Load your truck efficiently! Loading tools, signs and posts for easy access will help you stay organized, keep track of all materials and belongings, and will make each task that much smoother.

TRUCK RELIABILITY - Make sure your truck is road ready! Having a reliable truck with a full tank of gas and the capacity to hold tools and all signage materials is key!

IDEAL TECHNIQUES - Don’t work harder, work smarter! Parking close to job locations will minimize your unloading and loading time. Continue to increase your efficiency by utilizing the right tools and keeping them handy and ready to go! Using a lead stick for post installations and an extraction tool for removals can cut your work time and labour in half!

PROGRESS UPDATES - Keep us in the loop! Tracking your progress along the route with completion pictures will let us know that everything is going smoothly and to plan. All updates can be easily communicated and posted using a project management app.

STAYING ON SCHEDULE - Maintain your focus! By staying on track, you’ll not only get to go home on time, you could even go home early! Routes completed in less than 8hrs means higher hourly rate!

Coastal Post Support

To make your day even easier, you’ll have the guidance of our Dispatch Team to assist you on your route and provide you with BC1 Call “call before you dig” information.

All task information and route details will be easily laid out in one place - a project management app that you conveniently use while on the go!


- Valid BC drivers license (Class 5)
- WorkSafe BC Coverage
- General Liability Insurance
- Personal tools and work truck are required. Tools: Drill, sludge hammer, hand tools, lead stick and extraction tool.
- Physically capable of lifting posts and signage of up to 50lbs and 8ft tall.
- Strong communication skills both verbally and written
- Understands the advantage of providing and receiving feedback
- A self-starter who can manage their workload independently
- Excellent organizational skills and understands the importance of staying on schedule

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