What is the turnaround time for a residential for sale sign post installation?

To comply with enhanced WCB safety standards, a BC 1 Call is completed for every sign installation. The call ensure that no utilities or communication lines will be impacted during installation. The BC 1 Call may take up to 3 business days to complete. Once completed, your sign will be scheduled for installation.

Why is BC 1 Call required for my sign installation?

Coastal Post completes all the necessary due diligence in accordance with BC 1 Call and WCB to prevent personal injury, property damage, and disruption of essential services.

Under your client's property may lie natural gas pipes, power lines, hydro, communication lines and sewage. When the utility lines are damaged there is a potential risk of electrical hazards, natural gas hazards, and there could be a risk to public safety.

To prevent damage and keep everyone safe it is required by law to complete the BC 1 call.

Do other post installation companies complete BC 1 Call?

BC 1 Call is required for any projects that results in any ground disturbance. Ground disturbance is defined as any digging, blasting, or cutting resulting in movement or disturbance to the ground. We cannot speak for other companies but at Coastal Post we follow safe digging practices in accordance with BC 1 Dig and WCB.

Can I schedule a real estate sign installation on the weekend?

Coastal Post is open Monday to Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM, and we are available 24/7 online to take your order on our website.

If my For Sale Post is blown down during a windstorm, what should I do?

Notify Coastal Post, and we will arrange for your for sale post to be repaired. The cost of a repair is $30 before tax.

What happens if my sign for sale post and realtor sign are stolen?

All of our posts are for rent, any lost or stolen sign post/sign has a charge of $75 before tax. If the posts or signage are found, we will charge the amount back in the form of a credit.

I would like to start using Coastal Post as our sign post installer and commercial sign installer. How do I get my existing custom realtor signs to you?

To get your signs into Coastal Post's storage please:
1. Drop off or ship your signs to our office. Our office is located at 122-19055 34A Avenue, Surrey V3Z 0P6.
2. We can pick up your signs from a preferred location for a charge of $25 before tax
3. You can leave your signs at the property for the installer to hang on the scheduled date of installation

How can I place an order for my sign post installation?

You can place an order online through our website's book now link.

Where is the Coastal Post’s sign storage facility?

Our sign storage facility is located at 19055 34A Ave #122, Surrey, BC V3Z 0P6

Where is the sign post installed on the subject property?

If you have a specific location in mind where you want the post installed, please specify during confirmation via email. This information will be submitted to BC 1 Call to confirm the installation area.  If there is not a specific preference for the sign post installation we install according to a “Standard Post Install”. A standard post install is setback 3 feet from a driveway and property lines, and is perpendicular from the home unless otherwise specified. If there are landscaping limitations, our installers will use their discretion to ensure the best possible visibility of your sign.

What cities does Coastal Post install signs in?

We install posts from North Vancouver to Harrison Hot Springs, and all cities in between.
Zone 1 - Surrey, Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack
Zone2 - New Westminster, Coquitlam, Cultus Lake
Zone 3 - Vancouver, Burnaby, Delta, Harrison
Zone 4 - North Vancouver, West Vancouver

Can I meet the sign post installer on-site?

If you wish to be there on-site with the installer to give specific placement directions, we recommend sending us a placement map prior to installation day, and our installers will place your posts as requested.

What happens after I place an order online for my sign post installation?

After placing an order online for a sign post installation, you will receive an email from us outlining the details of your order that requires your confirmation. Once confirmed, the order will be scheduled.

I need a sign post installed the same day I placed my order. What are my options?

We cannot guarantee same day sign installations as the day you purchased your order, but if the matter is urgent, please give us a call to coordinate with our dispatch team.

I have a large commercial site that requires multiple commercial sign installations. How do I arrange this installation?

Please reach out by email, text, or call to speak with one of our custom service members to assist.

Our email is:

What do  if my client has asked us to install a sign in a specific location on their property?

If you or your client requires a specific location for your signage installation, please email us a photo or placement map showing the exact location of preferred placement when you place the order. Remember a BC 1 Call is competed for each installation which identifies the installation area.

Are there different colour options for sale sign posts?

Coastal Post provides 3 colour options in For Sale Real Estate Posts: White, black and gold. If you would like to set up a custom color sign post please send us an email.

I represent a real estate brokerage, how do we go about working together to make sure all our agents have a dependable sign post installer?

All of Coastal Post’s team members are highly efficient and well trained through years of experience. We manufacture custom posts and install them in accordance to your brand guidelines to ensure consistency throughout your listings. We are the largest custom posts manufacturer and installer in the Fraser Valley, with multiple crews on the road, and a dedicated dispatch. Please give us a call, email, or text, and one of our representatives would be happy to get you started.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my sign order?

Orders may be cancelled by email at, or by speaking with one of our representatives over the phone at 778-551-5889. All cancellations require at least 24hrs notice.

What add-ons do you offer for the sign post installations?

If you would like to embellish your posts, Coastal Post offers LED lights for $20, Step Signs for $25, and Toppers or Riders for $20.

Are the wooden real estate sign posts for sale or are they just for rent?

All of our wooden posts are for rent only. If you wish to buy one, please reach out to one of our team members through email.

What are the dimensions of a wooden real estate sign post?

The wooden post is 7’ tall and is constructed with solid wood 4 inches x 4 inches.

What size realtor sign do the sign posts support?

Our real estate sign posts are designed to support most standard sizes realtor signs up to a maximum size of 36” W x 48” H. 

What is the recommended realtor for sale sign sizes?

The recommended and most popular realtor for sales sign sizes are:
30” W x 32” H Realtor Sign
24” W x 36” H Realtor Sign
32”W x 24” H Realtor Sign
If you require assistance getting your realtor signs printed, please contact us for all your realtor sign printing needs at  


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